Evidence based therapy in practice
Evidence based therapy in practice
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Terms of Use


This document constitutes the agreement between you and Niturix, please read it carefully prior to your registration/payment to the website. Completing the registration process indicates you have fully understood the terms and conditions of this document and agreed to them with no restrictions. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions described in this document, do not register to the website and its services. The terms and conditions might change from time to time by Niturix and will be updated in the website. It is your obligation to get updated upon those changes and by continuing using the site after the changes were published will indicate your approval to the changes taken.


The registration to the system gives you and you only permission to use the system and you are not allowed to pass this right to anyone else.

Ethical use

You agree to:

  1. Use the system in a way that match the ethical standards accepted under mental health professions
  2. Respect the privacy of other users (you will not try to reveal details of other users; you will not try to present yourself as a different user etc.).
  3. Honor the privacy of your clients
  4. Honor the laws regarding copyrights in respect of the tools represented in the system – you will not copy/ print tools and feedbacks available at the system without a written document from Niturix regarding the rights in the specific matter.

Liability restriction

Niturix.com will not be responsible for any action or decision taken as a result of using the system, directly or indirectly. Additionally, Niturix will not be responsible for any harm to you or your clients caused as a result of using the system or the disability to use the system.

Information security

Information provided by you or your clients will be kept secure and will not be transferred to any third party at any matter. The information you save is saved by using a login and a password known only to you, so that only you will have the access to the information. It is recommended that you will not pass your password to anyone. We will never ask you to deliver your password in a phone call or by email that wasn't initiated by you. Please remember to logout of the system and close your browser when finishing your use of the website. Those actions are important for keeping others with access to your computer from entering your account details. Those actions are even more important while using the website in public computers in places such as universities, workplace, libraries, coffeehouses etc. in addition to that, you are responsible that your clients will choose logins that do not reveal their identities, and to keep the information connecting your client's identities to their logins in a way that will keep their privacy. Unfortunately, information transfer and storage in the web is not 100% secure. As a result, although we strive to protect and secure your personal information, Niturix can not protect the information completely, so you should know that your information or parts of it might be revealed in spite our efforts, and therefore your use of the system is at the risk of that happening. In this case, Niturix will have limited responsibly only.

Service availability

Niturix will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Yet sometimes there might be downfall at the server that might disrupt use continuity. Diagnosis or data gathering made using the system will be kept for at least two years. For more then two years, a fee will be charged.

Termination of use

You are entitled to end your use in the system and to request deleting your and / or your clients' registration with no further explanation. However, if you decide to do so after a month of use you could not ask for a refund (to make it clear - refund is not relevant for users who didn't pay for the service such as those under trial period). Niturix have the right to terminate this contract validity and your right to use the system under the following circumstances:

  1. Your payment wasn't delivered fully to our account
  2. A violation made by you of the terms of use
  3. Your abuse of the system

Disputes and jurisdiction

This website follows the state of Israel laws. In case disputes will not resolve to the satisfaction of both sides after an honest attempt to cooperate, the dispute will be solved in court in Jerusalem, Israel.